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Stolen Jewelry Brings Fortune

Buying stolen goods on a regular basis has now become a part of life for few wholesalers, retailers and few other savvy consumers. This was all made possible because of the online auction site which was founded in 1999 by former police detective Tom Lane.

“About Sterling jewelry”

This site sells lost or stolen merchandise which the police have been unable to return to their owners. The total value of the published items came to $34 million in 2008 – and almost 40% of the amount came only from watches and jewelry.

The Chief Executive Officer P.J. Bellomo said, “We’ve been flying under the radar for years and only started growing significantly in the past two or three. We’re the McDonald’s of jewelry outlets, and McDonald’s is thriving in the current economy, so maybe it’s no surprise that 2008 was the best year in our history.”

There are a few municipalities around the country who are using the online auctions to serve the wholesale markets by selling heavy equipments which they no longer need. They are trying to sell items like backhoes, bulldozers, etc. but the main business of the site Property is through profit-sharing partnerships with law-enforcement agencies. These agencies help with monetizing the lost and stolen goods by holding auctions in parking lot which results in poor attendance and earns very low price deals.

Bellomo says that the auctions run by the agencies would bring back only 25 percent of wholesale, minus the expense of advertising and paying the auctioneer. He also said, “Those who really make out, in those [type of] auctions, are pawnbrokers and savvy jewelers.”

Property is set up with the intention to entertain both wholesale as well as the retail buyers. The former can be counted on to bid an item up somewhat and the retail customers then buy the piece at a high wholesale price but at a very low retail price.

“We discourage reserve prices, because we get better prices with no reserve,” Bellomo says. “Our clients can insist on a reserve, but they do so maybe once in 3,000 auctions.”

Property’s advertising budget is tiny, Bellomo says. However, the site is well-indexed with major search engines and is well-publicized by the mainstream media. To know the latest availability of certain types of merchandise items the customers can sign up and they will be notified once the items are available.

To keep few security measures in place the Property has no brick-and-mortar store and doesn’t publicize the location of its warehouses. Physical pickup is allowed for expensive-to-ship items, but not for jewelry.

The company also has a graduate gemologist on staff, who assesses and appraises pieces with a probable resale value of $500 or more and issues a grading report for higher-end gemstones. Top-brand watches are sent to the experts for identity verification, and the company destroys all fake items and documents everything. If a piece turns out to be a fake one and not as advertised then the buyer can return it for a refund.

Bellomo said, “It’s happened maybe eight times that someone has claimed an item that was lost or stolen, and if the facts bear the claim out, the piece is returned free.”

The traffic at Property has increased to 30 percent over 2008, averaging 30,000 impressions daily, which includes from 22,000 to 25,000 unique visitors, Bellomo estimates. The company alo employs about 70 people nationwide, including truckers with regular monthly runs. About 1,400 law-enforcement agencies in 47 states have signed up with Property so far. “That’s out of maybe 9,000 agencies that would be big enough to do business with us. So far, we’re doing well, but we’re not celebrating yet, “Bellomo says.

Where to Go in Order to Buy Quality

Jewelry is perhaps the most enticing gift to please your someone special. Jewelry as a gift when coupled with any event, lends a special meaning to the whole atmosphere. It has got all the charm and excitement to turn any occasion into a memorable event. But you need to go for quality products if you really want to win her heart. The question is where to go to find it?

Credible jewelry and jewelry stores:
Those jewelry stores and jewelers who are quite established and have a good reputation can be visited for this purpose. Find out the jewelers in your vicinity or neighborhood who have a sound repute regarding fine and quality jewelry. You can visit them and tell your preferences. They tend to have a wide range of variety from where you can select your pick. Good jewelers often advise you as well if you feel confused regarding making any choice.

Online jewelry stores:
There are many retailers who operate online. Online jeweler shopping is marked with convenience. It has two main advantages. One is that online buying costs you comparatively less than that from the local stores. Second, you come across a huge panorama of jewelry display. There is so much variety and selection available online that it becomes difficult to choose the final pick. Just browse and find out various jewelry websites. Do make sure that the person or store from where you are buying is a credible one. This you can check through his listings, links and polices.

A jeweler from whom you have bought before:
You can trust that jeweler again who had been able ton satisfy you in the past. You have cracked a successful deal with him in the past so he’ll definitely satisfy you again. If you are sure about the quality and credibility of that jeweler then do visit him again.

You can find the true quality products on the above mentioned jewelry outlets. Do make sure before buying that the specific jewelry item is really worth that money and consideration, you have spent on it. Consequently, it will make a wonderful gift.

How to Reap Huge Money From Selling Jewelries

If your passion is on fashion, then one business that you can try venturing on aside from clothing is jewelry. Jewelries can make you look more classy and fashionable. These priced possessions can accentuate the natural beauty of a person. Jewelries are now making a huge market and it would be a great opportunity for those who want to earn huge money and for those who want make a shift in their businesses.

Jewelries are one of the most common gifts during anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and weddings. Since these celebrations run the whole year round, selling jewelries can be a lucrative business for you. It never runs out of fashion because other people are buying century old jewelries and makes it one of their family legacies.

As a retailer in jewelry industry, your art skills would be tested here. You should have an eye for the trendiest and the classiest jewelries that is rightly fitted for every celebration and for their casual wears. It would be better if you have a wide selection of jewelries so people are free from choosing the right one for them and their loved ones.

Since jewelries are priced possessions, they are often one of the target items of thieves. So if you are planning to put up a local jewelry store like the ones located at the mall, hiring security guards is a must. And this adds up to your market expenses. This is one of the reasons why jewelries that can be bought at the retail jewelry outlet are expensive. But there is one solution to this; you can now cut down the cost of these jewelries through drop shipping. Drop shipping is the newest trend in product distribution where you can sell your product without physically having your jewelry stocks. The drop shippers will safe keep your jewelries while you are busy in creating sales. They will also be the one to handle the delivery process and product inventory. And not only that! There are wholesale drop shippers that can also provide you with elegant jewelries at low prices. Just search them diligently on the web. It would be wise if you have a broad list of drop shippers that you could choose from.

The easiest way to locate legitimate wholesale drop shippers is to use web directory like Salehoo. Salehoo is one of the first online databases of wholesale drop shippers. It has security system that only legitimate wholesale drop shipping company could fit in. Salehoo has a dedicated team that investigates the reliability of the drop shipping company so you are assured that you are dealing with only the legitimate company with real stock of elegant jewelries. You just have to get the one that satisfy your set of standards. Once you get hold of the drop shipping process, you can now start earning huge money even while sleeping.